First Classic Car for under 10.000€

Part 1

Dreamy blurry classic car wishes? - Porsche, Alfa Remeo, Aston Martin - Photo: Goodwood 2015
Dreamy blurry classic car wishes? - Porsche, Alfa Remeo, Aston Martin - Photo: Goodwood 2015

First classic car...

Spring's here, classic cars driving around in normal traffic and shows like the big one in Tulln last weekend, a lot of (young) people thinking about getting an old car.


I want to focus on a first car for a budget. Sadly with rocketing car prizes, it's getting harder every day to get a decent car for fair money to start - to first fall in love - dirve around, enjoy it.


But there are cars out there, you should start to think about


In the following series, I'm focussing on cars for under 9.000€, so there a 1.000€ left for minor ajustments und fixings.


Since, in my view, a lot of articles around are way of and print unrealisticly cheap prices, I'm going to put current advertisments from the austrian market to every section.


This cars may not be perfekt, not the ideal one, but there are cars out for this kind of money. Have a look,  it may be worth it.

If you want to drive, get open minded, try different cars, choose want you like and work your way up - there is the right car for everyone out somewhere

Look to the East!

Skoda 440 Advertisment for the Austrian market
Skoda 440 Advertisment for the Austrian market

Rally success in the 60s, popular eastern bloc car, sold and driven in Austria as well. Not many have survived, your will be the only one on a show (but there probalby 20 beetles and 15 Porsche 911).

There a a lot of intresting cars, 90% cheeper than a new Dacia. You have got Trabant, Wartburg, Moskvich, Lada, Tatra, Zis, Volga...



 Skoda 1000MB - Rally feeling family car



The original Octavia

Sporting Italians


50s/60s sportscars are the ones everybody is looking for... but to start, you have Alfa Romeo Spider Aerodynamica or Fiat 128, maybe even a 124 or a Lancia




Lancia Fulvia




FIAT 124 Spider






Iconic Desgin


There are a lot of iconic car desgins out there and is has not to be a Giotto Bizzarini (who did the Ferrari 250 GTO, Iso Grifo A3 and so on) desgin for beginners.


But with cars, build in millions, over decades, there shapes are known worldwide,  spares are easy to come by, big club scene and lot of information easily available in books and online


So you can choose between a VW Beetle, Mini, Fiat 500,  2CV...


Austin Mini




Fiat 500


Part 2 to follow shortly, with English Sportscars, a Going Offroad theme and a lot more ideas, where to start your classic car experience on a budget