Overview: Skoda

With the Oldtimer Festival in Austerlitz (Slavkov u Brna)  comming up, a short reminder on what to expect on the, fairly uncommon front, of eastern bloc cars. Part one about czech produced Skoda


Skoda Octavia

A 2 door sedan, produces from 1959-1971, since 1961 available as well as estate car (Octavia Kombi). It had a 1089ccm 4 inline water coolded engine in the front with rear wheel drive. Since 1962 there was a Super-Octavia with a 1221ccm engine (with the same layout) for sale

Skoda Octavia 1960
Skoda Octavia Rallye racing car
Skoda octavia Kombi


Cabriolet based on the octavia. Built only between 1959-64, 1962-64 as Super Felicia with the 1221ccm engine for sale.

Skoda felicia convertible
skoda felicia convertible
Skoda felicia Convertible  czech slovak car interior

Skoda 1000MB

4 door sedan with a 1000ccm rear mounted 4 inline watercooled engine. Used sucessfully in rallyes as well as motorizing the forme CSSR in the 60s. Later with 1100ccm (1100MB) producing up to 50 HP.

Skoda 1000MB Elefantear early car

1000/1100 MBX

Very rare, only about 1200 units built (aprox. 1400 1100MBX built with the stonger 1100ccm engine) 2 door coupe

Skoda 1000 MBX

Changes over the years

Skoda built the MB-series from 1964-1969. They can be divided by engine, air intake and front facelift.

Skoda 1000 MB Early pre 1966 air intake
Skoda 1000MB front grill
Skoda 1000MB late grill style

Pre1966 air-intake

Pre1967 front style

1967-1969 Front stye

Skoda 100/110

4 door, rear engine water cooled sedan. It wa based on the Skoda 1000MB, but with front disk brakes. Produced from 1969-1977.

Skoda 100 deluxe

110 LS

Very rare luxus version of the 110 (with 4 headlamps)

Skoda 110 LS 4 frontheadlight grill style

120 S

Rallyecar based on the 110 sedan with 1,2L engine

Skoda 1200 LS

110 R

2 door fastback coupe, based on the Skoda 110, 1107ccm rear mounted engine, built from 1970-1982.

Skoda 110 R fastback coupe

130 RS

Rallye car based on the 110R, with a 1289 ccm engine, aluminum panals

Skoda 130rs racing car
Skoda 2000rs prototype skoda muzeum