Overview: VAZ(ВАЗ) - Lada (Export)

Lada 1200/1300 (ВАЗ 2101)

Build since 1970 (until~1988), with a 1200ccm engine, based on the FIAT 124, for export called Lada1200

Lada 1200/1300 Universal (ВАЗ 2102)

BAC 2101 based estate car

Lada 1500 (ВАЗ 2103)

Special car for police and KGB with 1.5L engine (Lada 1500) or in small numbers with rotary engine.

Lada Nova (ВАЗ 2105)

Succeeding the Lada 1300 since 1979 and stayed in production until 2012, with a 1300ccm engine.

Lada Nova Estate (ВАЗ 2104)

Lada 1600 (ВАЗ 2106)

To follow the Lada1500, with the same 4 headlamp design, now with 1600ccm engine build since 1976

Lada 1700 (ВАЗ 2107)

Luxury version with a 1700ccm fuel injection engine, available since 1982.