Oldtimer Festival - Slavkov u Brna - 2016

Oldtimer Festival - Slavkov u Brna - 2016

Less than 2 hours away from Vienna, in the beautiful park around the castle Austerlitz, where 1805 Napoleon the famous battle won, gather once a year around 1000 classic cars and bikes. Nowaday, with the czech name "Slavkov u Brna", you can enjoy a nice day and wonder around, seeing rare eastern bloc cars as well a brtiish sportcar, american V8s or VW Beetles.

But, besides the flair, about 50% of all cars are eastern bloc cars, intresting and normally not to see anywhere. Look, learn and spend a lovely summer day.

I encourage everyone to get in your car, next year, drive there, be part of it

Sadly about 95% are cars from ther Czech Republic. Every year I'm stunned, how man intresting cars they have got. Austria and Slovakia is so close, this event would deserve to see more and other intresting cars. There is no registrastion, you show up in your driving classic car, park your car on the grass or under a tree. Go around, talk to others and after a few hours, you drive back home.

First impressions from this year