Winter is coming

MGB Rally in the snow - carpassionandmore

If you look at any car magazine, you’ll find tips on  how to store your car during winter, car covers, lifting the car to prevent your tyres from getting a flat spot, how full your fuel tank should be and so on.

Motorsport / Events in the snow

Mini cooperRally in the snow - carpassionandmore

I it may sounds like a conundrum, but it isn’t. Think about those Rally Monte Carlo pictures, Renault Alpine, Mini Cooper or even an E-Type in the snow.

Jaguar e type monte carlo Rally in the snow - carpassionandmore
Triumph TR4 Rally in the snow - carpassionandmore

Enjoy snow in your classic car

There are cars you can drive during winter, maybe not in cities with salty roads and mud, but if you find a snow field, go outside!


A few inspirational pictures for the cold winter time