Futuristic 50s and 60s cars

We all have seen the futuristic concept cars of the 50s, cliche cars like the BAT Alfa Romeo prototypes or even road-legal and via dealerships sold space-age looking american vehicles.

Alfa Romeo BAT5 Picture from Wikipedia

There are resalable points to make for the Lamborghini Miura as a futuristic car.

A car styled like no other, in 1967, far in-front of it's time. 

Space - age looking - futuristic amiercan classic car

With the streamlined pre war cars, from Bugatti Aerolite to the Tatra 87, the basis was there already.

But post war, besides the well documented "western" cars, as the fairly known Czechoslovakian pre-war Tatra 87, there has been a similar development within Eastern Bloc countries.


Russian GAZ Torpedo (streamlined) and space styled Moskvich, there are a few, probably never before seen, and mostly unacknowledged cars, brought to us from the red side of the iron curtain.

GAZ Torpedo Russian car