Official State Car 2017 in Jordan ?!?

As seen in the news today, the saudi King Salman visits Jordan and gets picked up by a early 60s Mercedes. Why...? Is this still an official state car in Jordan?





The car is from the collection of Jordan’s Royal Automobile Museum, the very same vehicle was used in 1961 for the wedding of King Abdullah II’s father King Hussein and his mother Princess Mona Al Hussein.


The 1961 Mercedes-Benz 300D was used to pick up King Salman at Marka Military Airport on Monday – the media uses the interpretation of this event as a gesture of King Abdullah’s appreciation for the Saudi ruler.


Other source suggest, it might have been a wedding gift from the saudi Kings, but failing to deliver any prove. As for today, it was a spark that made watching the news more bearable and it is nice to see a car like this still in use today in his original use.