Speedy Sprites, Mighty Midgets - in sporty clothes

On this very page, there has been a certain focus on rare fiberglass kits for sportscars of the 60s. Hardtops for TRs, MGs, Spitfire from numerous manufactures.

Sprites, later Midgets and the Spitfire were ideal to swap the whole bonnet as well. While Ashley and Lenham Spitfires still very rare, were they big success for Midgets and Sprites. 

Together with the easy and relatively cheep tuneable A-series BMC engines, they consequently caught on in historic motorsport as well - for ahead of any racing Spitifire - even more sought after. Rare isn't the only important thing as we learn once again.


While a grid with homologically engines with spitfires would be hardly imaginable, it isn't with Sprites. And what a sight it was...


Racing a this year's Members Meeting in Goodwood - the Weslake Cup


Enjoy the cars, the racing and the different driving styles...