Bullet Mustag found...

A Shelby Mustang stunt car from the film Bullitt has been discovered, and has narrowly avoided being turned into an Eleanor replica. That car-chase film, starring Steve McQueen as Detective Frank Bullitt, used two Shelby Mustang GT390s in Highland Green. 


Bullitt has long since been regarded as one of the greatest car chase movies of all time, and countless replicas of the Mustang have been produced in tribute. The original cars were toughened-up for their stressful role, and adapted to carry cinematic lighting and cameras. After filming, the less-wrecked one was sold by Ford to the Warner Brothers studio. 


The other has long been presumed crushed, as reported at the time. Even McQueen struggled to locate the car for his own collection before he died. Against all odds, a white-painted, heavily battered Mustang recently discovered in a Mexico yard has just been identified as that car. Despite a lot of non-original parts, most of the Bullitt car’s unique features remain intact, and there are still traces of the original green paint under the flaking white coat.