Soviet Cobra

Looking to the East

As the last weeks were mainly focused on english sportscars, it is time to look a little further tot he east. Early 1960s in the Soviet Union, the fastest car so far, the ZIL-112(Car for the Joseph Stalin Plant) was unbeatable.


The Power for the vehicle was provided by an inline eight-cylinder engine. One car had a six liters engine, generating 230 horsepower (169 kilowatts), and the other one was slightly bigger at seven liters and 270 hp (199 kW). Depending on the motor, top speed, at least on paper, was 160–170 miles per hour (260–270 kilometers per hour).

It’s still considered as one of the most successful racing cars of Soviet Russia, as local pilot Gennady Zharkov managed to win the USSR Championship in 1964 and 1965 behind the wheel of the 112-Sport.


It set a top speed record of 140 mph (230 km/h) at the Baskunchak salt lake in 1962. An even higher speed was possible, but poor weather conditions limited the attempt.


Only two copies of the model were ever built and, after the final race in their history, they were left somewhere at the ZIL factory in Moscow. Today, one of the cars is in a museum in Riga, Latvia, while the other one is owned by a private car collector in Sweden.

Aerodynamic Bodystyle

To achieve a better top speed, one car was changed to a more aerodynamic shape.

7.0 litre engine- 270 HP - 270 km/h - 1962 - 20018(?)

There is a new (at least as concept) ZIL-112 coming soon...