Tulln Classic Car Show 2017

As every weekend between April and June, there are more events you can go to – than possible. One of the biggest with a three-decade long tradition is the Classic Car Show in Tulln, outside of Vienna.

But although the classic car theme is exploding, TV-Shows, fairs, online videos, booming sales – Tulln can’t use it – a lot of Car Clubs don’t show anymore, those who are left haft got the same cars and the same display every year.

Interesting cars are only to be seen on sunny days on the parking lot – only a handful on the actual showground. With expensive ticket prices, more than rude staff, visitors without any knowledge, but interested, families, disrespecting every rule, touching cars, opining doors by themselves… but now the rude security is nowhere to be seen.


There is no need to ask yourself, why they can’t attract interesting cars and car clubs don’t show anymore – ideal time – place – tradition but they get beaten down by themselves and the people they employ. 

For sale are rusty beetles, cars I wouldn’t consider a classic in my worst dreams and prices one starts to wonder, which currency -  maybe Hungarian forints, were nowadays most of the cars are restored and craftsmen and their companies from former eastern bloc states are omnipresent. 


I have been every year – for 2 decades – but mainly as a result of living only 5 miles away. If it were 50, I probably wouldn’t go – your money and time is better used every 3 years at an internationally held major show or invested in your car projects.

Never the less, I tried to make some pictures of the more interesting cars, giving you a better than real impression with hopefully photos and cars you enjoy looking at.