Ventilspiel 2017 - Review

Ventilspiel 2017 classic car event Austria Red Bull ring carpassionandmore Ferrari 250 GTO Porsche 911


The Red Bull Circuit, Austria's Formula One Track in the green hills of Styria saw the "Ventilspiel" event of classic sports and racing Cars driving on the track - against the time and not each other.


There where a lot of rare and interesting cars to see in action - from open wheel historic Formula Ford to a pre-war Bughatti, GT and sportscars from Ferrari, Ford or Porsche.


It is one of the best events in Austria from my point of view, I can strongly recommend you to visit or even participate at Ventilspiel.


Since I was not driving this year, I finally found time to got around the track, have been at corners I only know from on track and found time to make some photos.



On the other hand there were more 911 Porsche as you can count - a number of Ford GT40s and Cobras, all looking good and producing a lovely sound up the hills, but if the years the drivers are claiming in the programs were accurate... - if you have got a (good) replica, say so and enjoy and present to the spectators what you have got - but I personally wouldn't what this incorrectness at events. Tell what it is or don't take part - don't try to fool everyone and act like it is something it isn't.


Ventilspiel 2017 classic car event Austria Red Bull ring carpassionandmore Ferrari 250 GTO Porsche 911


I do like the event, it has still kept it's original character, you can go through the paddock, talk to everyone and see the cars on the track and other classics on the parking lot. Sadly some owners don't know where their cars do belong and the management isn't using any influence as a regulative factor.


There are vans and regular cars on the track, worst of them all a VW Pick-up - not only dangerously slow and destroying the impression (that's why I can't show you a photo, I successfully managed not to have those in the focus).


Two years ago when I participated this VW Pick-up even lost it's tarpaulin on the main straight - if it hits or covers up a driver behind, I don't want to think about it, and laying around on the track it was an unnecessarily high risk for everyone.


And this year the exact same VW Pick-up was again part of the event racing ON THE TRACK.


There is a time, when a event is growing and needs everyone to pay the bills, that there is a field of cars that might not meet every standards - but nowadays, in order to keep and slowly improve this event - and about 90% of it, I can not say enough good words - you need to select the cars starting with the ones not made for the track at all.


I'm not saying that there should not be any diversity. Diversity of model, year and price tags - so everyone sees exotics and familiar cars - but only of cars made for sporting purpose. Everything else please park and show your cars on the fields and enjoy the racingcars on the track from the seats.