Biedermeier glass

Bidermeier Goblet glass uranium Austria
Bidermeier Goblet glass  Austria

The Biedermeier time (in central Europe the time between the Napoleonic wars ~ 1815 to the revolution of 1848) when the focus was on the house, family, small trustworthy groups as a reaction of strict anti-revolutionary actions by the government.

As a reactions the people wanted to have a lovely interior, pieces at home, where they hosted gatherings and spend a lot of time. One of those artistically made everyday object ware glass goblets. During the wintertime I found finally some time to make a few photographs. For me they have a certain beauty, geometrically details, the reflections ans shine of the glass and the knowledge of 200 years old glass combined is fascinating. But it is a challenge for me to captiure those in a photo. These are my first tries, hopefully I will be able to make better ones during the winter, experiment with other light sources and to create a more even backgrund but still be able to direct light trough the glass.

Bidermeier Goblet glass  Austria salt pink
Bidermeier Goblet glass  Austria  roter Überfang Krug
Bidermeier Goblet glass  Austria weißer Überfang
Bidermeier  glass  Austria bemalt red painted