Screwing cufflinks


If your are driving a classic car, you will most certainly carry some tools and other car related stuff with you in your boot. You may not need it, but it is better to have it and don't need it as the other way round.



Today I experienced another possibility. On the way to a important meeting, dressed properly, I discovered,, that I lost one of my cufflinks. Therefore. using what I had in my toolbox, two screws fixed my cuffs vor the whole day. They were tight until late in the evening, No wear of losing them (as they are more secure and don't represent a value) I personally view them by now as ideal.


In case you fear critics, 50% don't recognize, and some of the other half even think, and I heard this question twice on one day, what designer it made. If you drive somewhere in your classic car, it is more of a give-away than wearing screws and maybe you can use your cufflinks to fix something.