BMK 723A

 BMK 723A Lotus Cortina of Bruce Reynolds the Great Train Robbery mastermind 1963

There are a lot of Lotus Cortina around, most of them as historic racecars, maybe more than there have ever been, famously fast, dominating the mid 60s Touring car races. Made to spice up the boring family car image of the Ford Cortina, in 1963, in the first year, before they were a known brand, the speed in an unsuspicious body was appealing to a certain type of person as well. Not as famous as Jim Clark, not that well linked with the history of the Lotus Cortina, one man though strategically, bought a Lotus Cortina with the registration number BMK 723A as a new car for one purpose - getting away fast, but unnoticed - his name was Bruce Reynolds, the mastermind behind the Great Train Robbery

Criminal Cortina

For more than 20 years the white car with a distinctive green flash on the sides was kept in a lock-up after being impounded by police, with 3.000 original miles put on the clock with Reynolds beeing the only owner from new.


Bruce Raynolds left the car behind when he went on the run after the raid hiding in Mexico and Canada before he was caught in Torquay in 1968 and sentenced to 25 years in jail. He was released in 1978 but later sent back to prison again for drug dealing.

The car – with its original registration number BMK 723A – has been sold around the year 1999 and is owned by a unknown enthusiast who keeps it in his private collection.