Cafe Gasolini - April

Today early morning saw the Car and Coffee at the famous scrapyard of Josef Metzger at the SCS shopping center. At the event were about 35 cars, from the 40s to the 70s forming a  charismatic mix, coffee and breakfast from an iconic HY-Van, meeting a lot of other car enthusiasts and friends. Hopefully the word will spread and more cars and owners will attend at the next events. As it is Sunday morning, with family and other things going on, it is a lovely destination, for you with your car, if you have got a free weekend. On the other hand, therefor a bigger crowd is needed, to have constant or growing number of cars, if everyone can manage 4 times a year a free Sunday morning to spend with friends, coffee and other classic cars.


Upcoming dates: 6. May, 3. June

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