Giacomo's - April

Friday evening, 35 minutes outside of Vienna, in the lower Austrian countryside, a soccer-stadium parking lot at Sieghartskirchen - the first time Car and Coffee event was held. What to expect, a few  cars, certainly the place has got potentially good catchment area, but tractors, bikes, modern bodystyling  Japanese Hatchbacks - to be honest with you, a wasn't sure and 50 vehicles would be a success. So I though at first.


As I arrived, an time, 50 cars where already parked, more then 150 cars, 25 tractors and maybe 50 or even more bikes forming a   charismatic mix, coffee ranging from pre-war to modern supercars. Some went after half an hour, others came later, new cars to be seen every few minutes.


See for yourself, a first impression of cars and atmosphere:



I was surprised how well the word spread obviously, no only the amount, the quality of the cars, rare classic cars, a mix you want to see, Lada 1300 next to a 308 Ferarri, 480 Mercedes SL next to a 170 Mercedes, a 430 Ferrari, 110 Renault Alpine, Porsches, Triumph, MGs - there was a lot to be seen.

I'm convinced, after this phenomenal start, it will be bigger and bigger and a can only strongly recommend, take your car out for a spin and stop by.


Upcoming dates: 18. May, 22. June

Further information:


PS: I tried my best to be objective, although, I personally enjoyed the cafe gasolini event more, partly because it has something of a more familiar flair to me, I knew more people but on the other hand, I knew more cars, therefor there is less new to discover.