Rolls-Royce Drawings

Ghost Engine - from: (Sample Drawing) Smple Drawings - Ghost Engine

Early in 2000 the International Rolls-Royce Club commissioned a project to scan into a computer database over 50,000 Rolls-Royce drawings relating to pre 1939 cars, to stop further deterioration caused by handling and incorrect storage. Since then there has been an ongoing “in house” programme of scanning into the database the chassis specification and build records of cars which are also held in the archives.


Their effords extended above scanning, they created indecies, a prefix system to search for individual components and an online application which will show you all the digitalised drawings according to model, car number and production year. Furthermore every drawing is linked to the corresponding "List of Parts" sheet, with the same reference number, which contains the quantities, material specifications and manufacturer/supplier of the listed parts.

More information about this fascinating project, their efforts and the online database: