10 minutes of wild bees

Gardening at CarPassionAndMore - wild bees Lavendula

After Lunch on saturday, I read an article about a young woman, photographing and counting the various types of wild bees in a park of a midsized city. So i got curious what I will find in the garden, but as I want to make my other projects to come to an end and not starting a new one, I set the timer on my mobile phone to 10 (min) and took my camera. 

This lunchbreak was quite successful, but I have to admit, I didn't find/saw much at first, walking to the pond was disappinting, but at a Lavendula in front of the house's yellow wall, in the sun, I was not able to see, but also worked out how to take a proper picture.

Therfor, with 6 minutes left, I staeyed there, observed and took photos, some of them you can see below. If you have got 10 minutes, for example of your lunch break, have a look, if and how many different types you will see - and if you are intrested in photograph, take on the challange of fast moving, small wild bees in front of a colourful, unsteady background.