Brno Revival 2018

Brno Revival 2018 MTX Forluma Skoda Easter racecars

The Brno Revival, a classic car event with a AUTO JUMBLE, an exhibition inside the halls and a closed track creating the opportunity to see sports, touring and formula cars driving between the pavilions, took place last weekend.

where are we?

The Art-Deco style exhibition site could be in New York or Paris, but it is Brno. before communism they where up there in the 20s with Vienna and Berlin, even technically if you think of the Tatra 87. It is one of the few parts that survived the war and that is why it was used after the 2nd World War until the mit 1960s for races in different categories, today, it managed to survive communism as well, it still hast got a great atmosphere, mut with stone paths and railway tracks crossing, it has got speed control elements added without the need of a chicane.

cars-cars-cars and some motorcycles

MTX Race cars formula cars Skoda Lada Easter EasternBloc Racing 1-01 Carpassionandmore Brno Revival 2018

There was a great mix of Eastern Bloc Cars, stuff you rarely see. You can see the changes in Formula regalement, from 50s sports prototypes, to 60s saloon cars to the determined 70s Skodas.


Westerns cars were the minority, but some of them not less important, there was a Alfa Romeo class, some english sportscars, a Cisitalia and a strong pre war group, from Salmson to Bugatti. 


The paddock was inside the track, open with no limitation the the visitors and with approx. 5€ a inviting ticket price. Still it was more a classic car enthusiasts meeting, with czech the only language they speak, finding someone with even a little german end english knowledge is harder than a interesting car. So you have to use hands, pencil and paper and you will manage a lot of communication, learning more about the cars and Eastern Bloc Motorsport and it's history.

everything is in motion

So far you have seen the paddock, the exhibition and the great architecture, as you would when arriving during lunchtime, now there are a few pictures of the main attraction, cars of different categories in motion between the pavilions.