Seen on the Internet - Spitfire Fastack Hardtop


Notice: It is not a Apal hardtop, as written in the source- fuel filler is in the center - is is therefor a Sebring Hardtop - looks like a  William and Prichard hardtop, but fitting for thelate bodied MkIV or 15oo Spitfire.. It is rarely seen, since most of the fastback hardtops were made for the early body (Mk1-3).

Fiberglass Tuning

Not only could you buy direct your bonnets and hardtops from the manufactures, there where companies out there as well in the 60s, turning your Triumph Spitfire into the car of your dreams.

Today we would most certainly call it something like bodystyling or bodykit workshop and expect it to be found in the Japanese car community.


One of the companies offing to convert your car, from a range of available fiberglass panels, was Twyford. Their advertisements can be found in various car magazines  and shows next to the Sebring hardtops the range of Lenham products for the Triumph Spitfire.