Our first Classic Car Video - Lenham Spitfire

first classic car video

In the first blog entry after my summer break I told you, that it wasn't a lazy summer without any car or gardening output and that there will be more (moving) pictures than before - now, there is the first time I can show you first results.


It was the first video for me, but I was only the driver, since I couldn't have done it half as good. But for all of us it was the first classic car video and I hope it won't be the last. If so, you will be able to see them here - hopefully soon.


how it came to be

A little background: A few of my friends started to make videos of their cars. We know the black and white photos on paper from former times, still boosting memories. Today, we have more possibilities at hand than ever before, therefor as a logical consequence, instate of one photograph, maybe in front of a nice landscape or building, it is now a short clip. Since we are talking about moving things - cars- moving pictures have to be the best way to capture them.


We came to talk and started the project with the Spitfire, making a classic car video.


Below you can see two other videos they made, of their own cars:.