Still time till snow...

Date Event Link
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2. Sept Cafe Gasolini
18. Sept Giacomo's
22. Sept Cafe Gasolini Night  (see below for more)



18-20. Oct


20. Oct Brno Motortechna (see below for more)
26. Oct Giacomo's
4. Nov Cafe Gasolini
Poster ventilspiel red bull ring austrian classicc ar racing autum event

Cafe Gasolini night

Cafe Gasolini's Sunday morning being a challenge for some car enthusiasts, although they say getting up early in the morning shouldn't be the problem for the stereotype classic car owner - in modern terms hashtag -  senile insomnia, there is your chance coming up with the Cafe Gasolini Night.


As an "End of Summer Special" it will be inside the scrapyard on 22.09.2018 from 18h00 until midnight.


Classic cars (until 1970) and clothing are welcome - as is everybody else...

Motortechna - new homepage

During my time looking up the dates of the upcoming events till snow will be here, I discovered that a new, modern online presence was introduced for the upcoming MotorTechna Brno, featuring photos, ticket and parking information, general news and contact information of certain dealers (if they want the data to e seen) and many more - in czech, german and english - and readable, not just a google translator performance.

See also "Coming up - MotorBrno" , a short blog entry with pictures I took in 2016.