About Discorsi

My website started during the restoration project of my Triumph Lenham Spitfire, now it has finally outgrown its shoes. CarPassionAndMore was my faithful companion through my first years of classic car experience, seen by over 20.000 eyes so far.

Over time "AndMore" became bigger and more dominant with House and Garden, Photography, Arts and Antiques, History and Chemistry during a time where the name "CarPassion" was restrictive towards potential visitors. Therefor DISCORSI.at will be the umbrella under which they will all be found from now on.



By no means has my classic car passion been reduced, other interests have grown stronger to be comparable now – deserving their spotlight too.


It is a name that has been in my head for some time now, with all the history and different meanings suiting for a project like this, reflecting on and sharing the passions of my life.


Since some of my articles and research, especially on Austrian History is written in German, those parts of the homepage will be as well, but I am providing English summaries.