Ventilspiel - far away from were it began

Ventilspiel 2017 classic car event Austria Red Bull ring carpassionandmore Ferrari 250 GTO Porsche 911


The Red Bull Circuit, Austria's Formula One Track in the green hills of Styria saw the "Ventilspiel" event of classic sports and racing Cars driving on the track - against the time and not each other.


There where a lot ofcars to see in action - from open wheel historic Formula to a pre-war Riley,  GT and sportcars.



Since I was not driving this year, I finally found time to got around the track, have been at corners I only know from on track and found time to make some photos.

Photos from the weekend

The more the merrier?!

Most of the time I was  around the track, as the pit area was overcrowded, personally I see it as a miracle, that nothing happend there. There were more visitors than ever before, the interst in classic cars are great, seeing them moving, not only stationary at a collection or museum even more.


Sadly you saw only one pre war car and the 50s and even 60s less represented in a flood of 70s and 80s Porsche. The 1971 limit for certain groups should be enforced more strictly and may be even lowered to 1968 or 1966 to attract older cars. On the other hand would the "Ventilspiel Event" benefit from the honesty of telling, that a 2005 Superformance GT40 isn't a classic car.




I do like the event, it has still kept it's original character, you can go through the paddock, talk to everyone and see the cars on the track and other classics on the parking lot. Sadly some owners don't know where their cars do belong and the management isn't using any influence as a regulative factor.


There are vans and regular cars on the track, worst of them all a VW Pick-up - not only dangerously slow and destroying the impression (that's why I can't show you a photo, I successfully managed not to have those in the focus).


Another photographer's work

Another person's view. My good friend Beni, a real car enthusiast, which whom I have been working on the classic car video we made, and a excellent photograph, sent me a selection of photos. I didn't change, select further or interfere otherwise with those - for me personally a superformance replica isn't worth the disk space, but it attracts the crowds and found it's way onto his photographic review of Ventilspiel 2018... see it as another view of the event.