Trip Planer without straights

Originally designed as a motorcycle App and homepage, the Calimoto planer isn't focused on getting you to your destination on the shortest, or quickest way - but on the most attractive route.

You have two ways - a classic A to B route, while using smaller roads or a round trip planer, from one starting point, where you can select distance or time - ideal for a classic car trip.

To see it first hand:

Classic Car trip - how to find the best roads

It is aimed at the motorcycle community, you can get features like your lean angle, the numbers of curves and acceleration charts - for your bike. while the basic Trip Planner is for free, the bike specific features are buy in options. Therefor, for you and you classic car needs, it is a innovative, free and new way been to explore new roads in your area and the drive on attractive ways to your destinations. If you visit a friend, drive to a event or just want to enjoy and use your car - this Trip Planer could be worth a look.