Discorsi on Garden - Vorfreude auf den Frühling - Hyathinte

“A feeling of excitement about something positive that is going to happen in the near future” – a bit like anticipation but not quit the same.


If you are going for a walk, have look around in the garden or just keep your eyes open on your every day journeys you will see the first signs of spring. With a few sunny days everything will be green and full of colorful blossoms.


The willow catkins and crocus are the first food source for the bees, nature is on the grid, engine howling and in a few moments it will set of full speed and you won’t catch up until autumn slows it down again.


Spring willow catkins with bees - flowering - Blühende Plamkätzchen - Discorsi on Gardens



It it time for you to wake your classic car from their hibernation – checking the fluids, make the first small trip of the year, maybe a little bit of adjusting and the next 7 to 8 months can be enjoyed. As in 2017, I have to admit I didn’t quiet made it last year, every way possible – a quick drive to the shops, to work, to visit a friend – if possible, using a classic car make more of ever trip.