Supporting local activity

Not only in restaurants and food stores regionally sourced items getting more into focus – as well in the ever faster growing, world wide classic car scene a look around your local events can be surprisingly interested. In a small town, only a few miles away, they started a car and cafe styled event. 


It's a short trip in early spring or still using October, where you do not want to go to far, after work in the evening, deconnecting from the week, there are a lot of arguments visiting such events – and if possible for you – supporting them. I can tell you, a looked around, there are all of of cars you may have seen on the streets and as many you have never – although the all have got the same, my own, regional numberplate letters. Owning my MGB for 5 years, 2 years my daily driver – I met a man with a very nice MGB, living 2 miles away, I’m driving my his house, his garage every day. I now there are websites, it is possible to get parts send overnight or at least within days, you can be in New York in 7 hours, in London in less than 2, but for me it is a different joy discovering a beloved MGB 2 miles away on a event 5 miles away, where I can visit for 30 minutes ab 6 after work (or even on my way home)



You can see photos on this blog in the entries about last years events: see here

Hardfacts for this year:

April to October, every first Friday of the month 18:00-00:00

Soccerfield (with stong lights) of Sieghartskrichen (Bodenfeldstadion1, 3443)