A garden with a midas touch

Narzissen Narcissus in the garden

Due to the relatively wet and heavy turf and my philosophy of not fortifying to much only in order to get a plant into the garden rather than choosing suitable ones for the conditions available it seems hard sometimes to get for example spring blossoms. Bulbs are ideally for “lazy”, lets say time efficient, gardening, but sadly the idea of tulips everywhere did not work well, but narcissi did – once planted – every day new anticipation when the tips of the leaves are to be seen in early spring - and again now with the first bright yellow blossoms.

Narzissenblüte nacrcissus blossom

Only once a year they get a bit of fertilizer, around may, I let the leaves stay until summer. Various types show their beauty from late February until mid April – yellow, white, small, high, …


I enjoy the view. Every autumn I make myself a few new bulbs as present, plant them.

Narzisse weiß gefüllt

If you want to see more - there is one, they call the man with the midas touch – I don’t know, but do not believe he owns a Rolls Royce with a bumper made of pure gold, rather he owns a marbelous collection of narcissus in his garden and the photographer Anna Skladman made a biological index about it.