Car mug with my own tr4a irs open top and with hardtop

In a common mid sized workplace, there are not only a lot of co-workers, but also a lot of boring mugs in the dishwasher. Most of them are white, bought from a famous Swedish furniture store and not only is it impossible to know which mug was mine, most important for me is the fact that I was not able to remember if it was washed, if I have got a clean one or if all of my mugs are in the dishwasher already.  


TR4A IRS Triumpg Spitfire car mugs

So, I decided to go out and buy myself a few mugs, I would recognise and like look at every day. Sadly, I was not successful and so I went on the internet and got the idea to design my own.  As I was surprised to notice, that they are only about 10€ each. I won't name or recommend a certain company, but you will find many manufactures, and they will make you only 1, for you, for the same price of a regular mug in the store.



So I decided to try it and ordered two mugs. They arrived 5 days later.

Discorsi mug triumph Spitfire my own car mug