Daily classic drive to work

Classic car daily driver to work - Porsche 944 at the neusiedlersee in Austria


If you must drive to work every day, the radio is all the time playing the same boring tracks, no engine sound if you turn it down, no charisma and the car does not feel special – maybe you should choose to use your classic car. 



TR4A IRS on the autobahn Motorway on the daily drive to work - Pendeln mit einem Triumph TR4 in die Arbeit Schule


Most of us don’t drive their cars enough, face problems that are an effect of staying rather than being driven and generally lack time to enjoy, drive the cars we own. So why not drive to work?



Porsche 944 daily driver - Fahrt in die Arbeit, Oldtimer Pendeln, on the way to work early morning


If you drive a interesting old car it will engage conversations and most important, you get to drive you cars, you get in and work seems far away after a few yards.


Sun or rain, a daily driver is on the move



Of course, not all classic cars are suitable for modern traffic and you will maybe start one day a week and with a car from the 80s – and slowly step by step try something older.


Sun or rain, a daily driver is on the move

As you might have spotted, I drove a Porsche 944 and a Triumph TR4A IRS to work for the last 6 weeks, everyday - early morning, late at night, sun or rain, motorway (Autobahn) and small streets.

I have to admit, the TR4A is far noisier, ecspicially at 130kp/h plus. The more modern 944 is better after a lot of stress in the work, but with the TR4 you will forget the problems at work the second you start the engine.


Last but not least, with glas walls at work, where you can see the parking lot, you are creating an attrective view and maybe, there is chance to get someone else intrested in classic cars, that style and engineering of former days will survive a generation more. 


And in terms of problems and consuption. The TR4 needs about 10L/100km, the 944 approx. 8L/100km. The TR got hot once, I filled the radiator with water and everything was fine again. I discoverd a small crack in the tube conecting the radiator to the expantion/equalizing vessel, so hot water got out, but it couldn't suck water back in, in only got air. The tube was a 1€ fix. There was nothing else to report on both cars besides of having a great time on a normally dull way to work.