Why not a Trabant, Comrad?

Trabant left on a road

With Austrian politics been dominated for the last few days by the question, is the general secretary of the social democrats allowed to drive a 911, I remembered my Trabant being stored somewhere in the barn. I bought it a few years back, it lived it live in Hungary, was brought to Austria and ended up 2 miles away in the next village. It was a massive investment of 800€.


I drove when I got it and did, and did after minutes of fettling again today. It was a lovely autumn day, so I drove again a few miles. It is fun, a completely different way, in every way except of turning the steering wheel and the pedals.

The Trabi drove, when I got it, but there was the problem how to drive it. I’m sure, if you won’t be told how, it is nearly impossible to figure it out: The shift pattern is weird, except for 4th, you have to be always on the throttle, it is loud and the engine sound reminds you of a chainsaw with blue exhaust fumes being a constant companion. It drives and feels like nothing else, it is fun to drive and easy to work on. 1 hour to get it going after a year, 1 hour to drive and it can return to the barn. A good used autumn afternoon, better than golf from my point of view.



All of which brings me to my question, was not a Trabant, Comrad?