Green Triumph TR2 on the road in the evening in Austria

With only a few days left before the first snow will hit, I drove to school with the TR2 last week. I started at 6:00 in the morning, lights on, heater on, sidescreens and off through the night. Big gauges, soft light, sound of wind and engine it feels a bit like in an airplane.

Without any problems to report I was parking on my usual spot with enough time to enjoy a cup of tea in the morning. With a view out of the window, I can tell you, every time I'm stunned to see how small those 50s and 60s sports cars are, especially compared to everyday ordinary hatchbacks and family vans.

Once the sun has fought itself through the fog, I was already on my way home, it was a bit to chilly to drive with open top - but in a few months there will be another chance and I'm already looking forward to those spring days to drive a roadster the way it was meant to be driven.