Beemer in Disguise

Beemer, Bimmer, Beamer... UK Slang für BMW ( and even BMW knows about and embraces their nickname to a certain extend:

If you are looking around for a reliable, quiet car, with easy and affordable spare supply for daily motorway commute, that isn't too flashy but yet not equipped like a Romanian jail, preferable an estate if I ever need more space since my other (sports) car can't provide it, you won't be able not to consider a BMW.


I respect the innovation and quality of a BMW, but i do not like the brand and their image, but a Rover, being a bit anglophilic as well, there was a solution at hand - a Rover 75 Estate. 



BMW mechanics with the interior of a Jaguar for the price of a 10-year-old Renault sounds too good to be true. The only problem is to find one for sale since only very few were sold new in Austria, a small percentage of those as estate version


If you look carefully, there a lot of small giveaways throughout the car telling you about it's origin, for example when filling up at the petrol station...



Driving an old 6-cylinder BMW engine with 7 l/100km (32mpg) fuel consumption may not be so green, but keeping an old but fit, reliable car on the road certainly is. Only think about for example the energy needed to mine, transport, melt and cast the aluminium for the engine components, ... 

After my purchase I discovered this article and I was glad that I had bought mine, looking forward and hoping to make the same positive experience with my Rover75.


With sincere reading recommendation:


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