Bohemian Uranium

My interest in old glass, especially early and mid 19th century Bohemian glass told on another blog entry already, as well as the challenge of making a good photo, I want to add a new aspect. I have confessed, that the joy of looking for and collecting is difficult to describe. Objects, great or small, rare or ordinary, you will always find something. I'm looking on different flea markets for various historical things of interest, some of those on my list are bohemian glasses and while Czech collectors are offering good money, in rural Austria or small towns you can still find something. Over time I managed to concentrate scattered objects to a small collection.



In the new book about Bohemian glass, I have not only seen interesting pieces and already learned a lot, I found a few pieces identical to mine. One of them is a footed tumbler made from uranium glass, mould-blown, shaped and cut. Painted with enamel, gold and silver from the 1840s produced in northern Bohemia.


What I missed though in the book, was the view under ultra violet light - so this blog entry came to be.



As a though written down, those glasses, from a historical and chemical point of view, considering the craftsmanship necessary as well as social and economic aspects would be a lovely small scientific paper.