Topothek's Gloria

Visiting friends during the days between Christmas and New Years Eve, with my focus on ideas and projects instead of talking about persons, I heard about something I wasn't aware until now - the Topothek project.


In rural northern Austria the local government is using the so called Topothek to collect historical photographs and documents owned by individuals as well as the local institutions, school, church, and so on to create an online archive.

It perfectly fits into today’s ideas of making knowledge accessible for everyone, showing the problems with the amount available. The lectorate or more in print media style "fake news", is solved by an overview by the local government, personally knowing the families providing the photographs, seeing their authenticity when being digitalised.



One of the key elements besides obvious information as date and the owner, the family that provided and owns the photograph or document, if known, the location is marked on a map with the angle of the camera's objective shown.

On the other hand, there is the problem of information within the families. "Our first car", but even if I know the model, have got more information, as an outsider of the local community, I can browse through their Topothek, their online archive of familiy and local institution owned material, but the information is limited to their knowledge.



All the pictures are screenshots from: taken on the January 4th 2020