The End of Hibernation

The sun is rising early enough, so that I get to drive to work with the first glimpse of light on the horizent. Since I'm eastward driving, I get to enjoy and follow every day as the days are getting longer and longer.

The effects of loger days, more sunshine and therefor a warmer day, can be seen in nature. The first narcissus and daffodils and  are showing their leaves, crocus adding colour and hazelnuts in bloom some new texture to the garden of bare trees.

With decent temperatures and salt free roads you can not only hear the very first motorcycles driving on the distant main road but the sounds of the own classic car engines firing up once again after 3 to 4 months of hibernation.

Checking fluids, tyre pressure, reconnecting the battery (or just turning the master swich) and ge them one by one back to life and ready to be back on the road again.