The Point of View

POV driving classic cars - discorsi on cars lenham spitfire Triumph TR4 TR4a TR2

With the eyes of the operator - point of view photographs have been the only ones I got a direct reaction via e-mail during the last year. Some of them even reappear on other site and social media (most of the time without a source) - so evendently there is a need, but I'm wondering if it can substitute anything. Most of the cars are prettier from the outside, flowing forms, chrome, shining colour and you don't get the feel, smell, sound of an old car - only more time to read the dials.

POV Video

My friend, the one who did the Lenham Spitfire Video did a driver's perspective video in his Lancia Fulvia and reached immediatly more views than any other clip he made.


I still can't fully understand why, but maybe that's because I drive those cars.