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14. September 2018
Just seen, has not been shown online here and since was one of the major Spitfire successes, it fits perfectly, at least later on viewed in the blog's archive - here it is. PS: If you want to see older entries of this blog, they are on the left under Blog-Archive or you can use the tags at the end of every entry.
08. July 2018
Notice: It is not a Apal hardtop, as written in the source- fuel filler is in the center - is is therefor a Sebring Hardtop - looks like a William and Prichard hardtop, but fitting for thelate bodied MkIV or 15oo Spitfire.. It is rarely seen, since most of the fastback hardtops were made for the early body (Mk1-3).
02. August 2017
As this advertisements are speaking for itself, I only add two numbers. In 1986 was the pricetag on a basis model Trabant ~8.000 Ostmark, the high-end de Luxe Trabant was ~9.500 Ostmark.
29. May 2017
MGB in the snow red MG B Roadster wid rear fenders and wheels, bumperless red car - seen on the internet - carpassionandmore
25. November 2016
TR6 in modern advertisment
14. November 2016
Advertisement for dog transportation sack - Classic car
25. September 2016
Group44 TR250 Racing triumph advertisment carpassionandmore
24. May 2016
Dreamy blurry classic car wishes? - Porsche, Alfa Remeo, Aston Martin - Photo: Goodwood 2015
Spring's here, classic cars driving around in normal traffic and shows like the big one in Tulln last weekend, a lot of (young) people thinking about getting an old car. I want to focus on a first car for a budget. Sadly with rocketing car prizes, it's getting harder every day to get a decent car for fair money to start - to first fall in love - dirve around, enjoy it. But there are cars out there, you should start to think about In the following series, I'm focussing on cars for under...
10. April 2016
4 Mirror MGB - but one is enough MG
Seen in a magazin today... no further comment
03. April 2016
Cyclone rollbar ad with Group44 TR4 - Flat out without fear

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