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28. April 2018
Triumph Spitfire Lenham Hardtop Rallye Bonnet in the austrian countryside - carpassionandmore - Classiccar
24. April 2018
Why would you buy a TR4A new? What was it like, what are your memories of a car you owned 50+ years ago? A touching and interesting Video about Harry being reunited with the TR4A he bought new in 1965, his views and thought on the car, photography and memories. A video I found online, worth to share, worth to have a look at.
22. April 2018
Friday evening, 35 minutes outside of Vienna, in the lower Austrian countryside, a soccer-stadium parking lot at Sieghartskirchen - the first time Car and Coffee event was held. What to expect, a few cars, certainly the place has got potentially good catchment area, but tractors, bikes, modern bodystyling Japanese Hatchbacks - to be honest with you, a wasn't sure and 50 vehicles would be a success. So I though at first. As I arrived, an time, 50 cars where already parked, more then 150 cars, 25...
08. April 2018
Today early morning saw the Car and Coffee at the famous scrapyard of Josef Metzger at the SCS shopping center. At the event were about 35 cars, from the 40s to the 70s forming a charismatic mix, coffee and breakfast from an iconic HY-Van, meeting a lot of other car enthusiasts and friends. Hopefully the word will spread and more cars and owners will attend at the next events. As it is Sunday morning, with family and other things going on, it is a lovely destination, for you with your car, if...
07. April 2018
Lenham Spitfire 4 Triumph Spitfire Fastback Hardtop carpassionandmore
First time this year, the engine sprung to life, I drove it out into the sunlight, out of the garage.
06. April 2018
Yesterday was the presentation of the "Oldtimer-Guide" - a booklet with events, classic car specialized companies, car clubs, dealers in Austria. Every year, in the first week of April, there is a presentation in a park with imperial building in Vienna, sadly, although there are a number of clubs, dealers and collectors present, only a few classic cars found their way to the event. Further information:
04. April 2018
With the monthly car meeting at the docks of Korneuburg, the first well visited event following the american cars and coffee concept (, currently world wide the largest car phenomenon, now on it's oldest and premier location in Austria fading away, since there will only be heavy machinery building exclusive housing projects in the area of the docks, others are stepping up, talking their space. Two of those, one in the south, the other in the east, both splitting up the...
02. April 2018
PalmkÃĪtzchen mit Bienen, Bienenweiden im Garten, bees in the garden
One of the first major food sources for bees are often cut and put inside during Easter time to dekorate for example eggs on it. By leaving at least most of them on, you have not only less work, a few colourful spots more in your garden and with more bees, you will get more fruits in autumn.
01. April 2018
MGA 1500 in the garage ready to start into spring and summer sunshine - out of the dark crpassionandmore
It is time to open the garage doors, get your cars ready to start into the spring and summer sunshine - out of the dark of winter.