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11. April 2016
TR4 TR4A Restauration respray repaint conifer green
08. April 2016
Indeed it is a Lenham hardtop, but the mountings behind the rear light are cut off
06. April 2016
Volga policecar - Motortechna Brno
I can’t make it this time sadly, but I can sincerely recomand the Motortechna Brna on 16. April 2016. A nice, short trip, one hour from Vienna. Small event with lot of charisma. Western and eastern bloc cars, parts, automobilia,… Not far away, a little bit like markets and shows used to be in the 90s, not only over restored show cars, a lot of maintained daily driver cars and old (stock) parts, not new made. Link of the Event: Link
03. April 2016
Cyclone rollbar ad with Group44 TR4 - Flat out without fear
01. April 2016
Triumph TR4A Resto Update - carpassionandmore
Finally ready for some paint...
01. April 2016
Advertisement on the different hardtops made by Lenham in the late 1970s (Ad: