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14. March 2018
Triumph Spitfire Ashley 'GT6 Bonnet' and Fastback Hardtop racing in the 60s
Another example of a Triumph Spitfire with a racing pedigree using fiberglass parts. This particular one a Ashley Hardtop (as the fuel filler cap can be seen on the left hand side of the fastback style hardtop) and a Ashley bonnet. Note that the clearance of the bonnet allows the use at a GT6 as well. There it is a later bonnet, after the introduction of the GT6, earlier examples were produced for the 4 cylinder (see advertisment) In addition the bonnet hinges appear to have been taped, the...
01. February 2017
MGB with J&S Fastback Hardtop ongoing restoration
After last years focus on Triumph Spitfire Fastback Hardtops, now a short blog entry about Fastback Hardtops for MGB: starting with the J&S aftermarket hardtop
14. December 2016
22. March 2016
How to tell Spitfire hardtops apart - on the first view - Ashley Apal Lenham SAH Hardtop Triumph Spitfire fastback Hardtops overview
10. March 2016
Ashley Fiberglasbody for Austin 7 CarPassionAndMore
07. March 2016
Ashley Spitfire Bonnet Carpassionandmore
A follow up to the one on SAH Bonnets for Spitfire, GT6 and TRs all aftermarket fiberglass bonnets available for Triumph Spitfire. (Ashley, Apal, Lenham, SAH)
17. December 2015
Ashley Spitfire Hardtop
Part on Ashley aftermarket fiberglass hardtops available for Triumph Spitfire