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29. August 2018
Triumph Spitfire - mild to wild - Spitfire4 Lenham hardtop racing history and spitfire mk2 - austrian classic car carpassionandmore
First of all, I want to congratulate Michel to the Spitfire he bought very recently. A early Mk2 delivered new to Austria, one owner for nearly 40 years. It is now back on the road and we are planning to attend a few local classic car events this autumn. So you will be able to see these two Spitfires together and ask yourself, which one would I choose.
27. August 2018
Poster ventilspiel red bull ring austrian classicc ar racing autum event
Cafe Gasolini's Sunday morning being a challenge for some car enthusiasts, although they say getting up early in the morning shouldn't be the problem for the stereotype classic car owner - in modern terms hashtag - senile insomnia, there is your chance coming up with the Cafe Gasolini Night. As an "End of Summer Special" it will be inside the scrapyard on 22.09.2018 from 18h00 until midnight. Classic cars (until 1970) and clothing are welcome - as is everybody else......
19. August 2018
A rare photo of a pre-production TR6. If you look carefully, you can spot a lot of small differences to the final car. In general, is closer to the TR5, with the surrey top and rostyle hubcaps. But there is more to discover, have a look at the front "TR6" or the side trim...
17. August 2018
In the continuing themes of the blog, the combination of my passions Photography and Cars - taken at home, at car shows, events,... I'm focusing on details everyone should recognize but never took time to look at it carefully to see the beauty. On the cars and the garages they are in.
12. August 2018
In the first blog entry after my summer break I told you, that it wasn't a lazy summer without any car or gardening output and that there will be more (moving) pictures than before - now, there is the first time I can show you first results. It was the first video for me, but I was only the driver, since I couldn't have done it half as good. But for all of us it was the first classic car video and I hope it won't be the last. If so, you will be able to see them here - hopefully soon.
08. August 2018
I have found this photo online (see citation), showing a Triumph Spitfire MkIII (1300ccm), as far as I can tell, completely stock, small 3.5 steel wheels, bumper, windscreen and a normal ride height. The rear axle on massiv negative camber in the typical "tuck in". Only the origin of the photo, the bumper on the door and the driver's helmet let you believe, that this car, in this spec was actually taking part in a race.
04. August 2018
St.Pölten Teilemarkt Classic car parts sale event
You had two choices today, going to the Bad Mühllacken Hillclimb event to present yourself and your car or browsing through the St.Pölten Classic Car Parts Flea Market (as they call it themselves) early morning and spend the rest of the incredibly hot day in your garage or in front of the computer. A few very determined ones made both. I chose to only see the St Pölten market, to get new stuff, rather than spending time with finished cars. Therefore I can present you a few photos I made...