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24. October 2019
Trabant left on a road
With Austrian politics been dominated for the last few days by the question, is the general secretary of the social democrats allowed to drive a 911, I remembered my Trabant being stored somewhere in the barn. I bought it a few years back, it lived it live in Hungary, was brought to Austria and ended up 2 miles away in the next village. It was a massive investment of 800€.
26. June 2018
A short video showing various onboard video sequences made at the Brno Revival 2018 driving the czech made MTX Formula Skoda car (for more on my car see here: MTX 1-01).
02. August 2017
As this advertisements are speaking for itself, I only add two numbers. In 1986 was the pricetag on a basis model Trabant ~8.000 Ostmark, the high-end de Luxe Trabant was ~9.500 Ostmark.
15. July 2017
About one hour drive to the east of Vienna and you will find yourself in the Czech city of Brno. The same location where the Morortechnica Brno Autojumble is held twice a year, saw this weekend the Brno Revival.
23. June 2017
To celebrate 120 years of Tatra, there was a gathering of cars in Vienna. Sadly I hadn't enough time to stay there for long,, but on my way, I saw a lot of lovely cars in the regular traffic - a wonderful sight. A few impressions from the luxury, influential eastern Bloc cars of Tatra. The engine was the blueprint for all aircooled VW ones, the aerodynamic shape of the Tatraplan a sensation in the 30s.
07. June 2017
Everyone hopes not to get into an accident, but if it is low speed against a modern car, you stand good chances of minor damage. As russia has got a lot of dashboard cameras for insurance reasons, they do not only flut the internat with videos of frightening crashes, with a lot of Ladas and other steel chassis cars around, you can see the difference.
14. May 2017
As the last weeks were mainly focused on english sportscars, it is time to look a little further tot he east. Early 1960s in the Soviet Union, the fastest car so far, the ZIL-112(Car for the Joseph Stalin Plant) was unbeatable. The Power for the vehicle was provided by an inline eight-cylinder engine. One car had a six liters engine, generating 230 horsepower (169 kilowatts), and the other one was slightly bigger at seven liters and 270 hp (199 kW). Depending on the motor, top speed, at least...
26. November 2016
CSSR made Skoda MTX 1-01 Formule Skoda Racing car, built in 1971-72, driven in period by Ladislav Kalas
For more information click on the picture or here After some research now online. A long article about the history of the marque, development and my car in particular, driver, race results,... with some period pictures and a lot of detailed photographs of the car. There is much more to it, than it might seem on the first view. That is what fascinated me about the car. It hasn't much in common with the rear engined mid 60s Skoda and with the watercooled engine, radiator in the front, special...
23. November 2016
Alfa Romeo BAT5 Picture from Wikipedia
We all have seen the futuristic concept cars of the 50s, cliche cars like the BAT Alfa Romeo prototypes or even road-legal and via dealerships sold space-age looking american vehicles.
11. October 2016
Volga policecar - Motortechna Brno
The Motortechna Brna - 15.Oct.2016 It is organized twice a year, April and October, at the site of the Brno Messe, BVV, using a 2.000 m2 pavillion and 12.000 m2 ground area used for the autojumble. A nice, short trip, one hour from Vienna. Small event with lot of charisma. Western and eastern bloc cars, parts, automobilia,… Not far away, a little bit like markets and shows used to be in the 90s, not only over restored show cars, a lot of maintained daily driver cars and old (stock) parts, not...

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