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12. February 2019
Overview of Triumph Spitfire4 Hardtops
The new overview on Triumph Spitfire4 - Mk3 detachable hardtops is now online together with an updated section about those hardtops together with photos of cars, advertisements and more in the research section of this homepage. You can see it here.
12. August 2018
In the first blog entry after my summer break I told you, that it wasn't a lazy summer without any car or gardening output and that there will be more (moving) pictures than before - now, there is the first time I can show you first results. It was the first video for me, but I was only the driver, since I couldn't have done it half as good. But for all of us it was the first classic car video and I hope it won't be the last. If so, you will be able to see them here - hopefully soon.
08. July 2018
Notice: It is not a Apal hardtop, as written in the source- fuel filler is in the center - is is therefor a Sebring Hardtop - looks like a William and Prichard hardtop, but fitting for thelate bodied MkIV or 15oo Spitfire.. It is rarely seen, since most of the fastback hardtops were made for the early body (Mk1-3).
17. June 2018
I found this on a french website (link direct below the photo), described as an Apal hardtop. I cannot tell you due to the plants and poor quality of the picture, but there is, with some imagination indeed a fuel filler on the left side. Staying outside for so many years sadly won't make an easy job to restore the car - if possible at all.
28. April 2018
Triumph Spitfire Lenham Hardtop Rallye Bonnet in the austrian countryside - carpassionandmore - Classiccar
07. April 2018
Lenham Spitfire 4 Triumph Spitfire Fastback Hardtop carpassionandmore
First time this year, the engine sprung to life, I drove it out into the sunlight, out of the garage.
14. March 2018
Triumph Spitfire Ashley 'GT6 Bonnet' and Fastback Hardtop racing in the 60s
Another example of a Triumph Spitfire with a racing pedigree using fiberglass parts. This particular one a Ashley Hardtop (as the fuel filler cap can be seen on the left hand side of the fastback style hardtop) and a Ashley bonnet. Note that the clearance of the bonnet allows the use at a GT6 as well. There it is a later bonnet, after the introduction of the GT6, earlier examples were produced for the 4 cylinder (see advertisment) In addition the bonnet hinges appear to have been taped, the...
03. May 2017
A very interesting picture, although raising a few questions. A TR4 body (at least without TR4A trim) but what seems to be a 6-cylinder engine. Most notable of cause the fastback hardtop fixed and a lot of the inner body panals cut away. Therefor it is not a hardtop as such, not properly removable, That's why it's called GTR4 by it's owner.
17. March 2017
RM auction healey fastback
Offered in this years Amelia Island Auction, a Austin-Healey 100/4 (Fastback-)Coupe. A styling never made by the company, never for sale.
01. February 2017
MGB with J&S Fastback Hardtop ongoing restoration
After last years focus on Triumph Spitfire Fastback Hardtops, now a short blog entry about Fastback Hardtops for MGB: starting with the J&S aftermarket hardtop

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