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28. February 2016
TR4 Rally car Triumph
A lot of cars for motorsport use had vents on the side, TR4s, Big Healeys,... Spitfires as well. For rallye and on the Le Mans cars.
24. February 2016
Triumph Spitfire Austrian Racing history lenham Hardtop SAH Marko #CarPassionAndMore
Still under construction but allready online, research part of this homepage - Research
15. February 2016
Racing Austria Gaisberg Hillclimb Porsche Alps Bergrennen #carpassionandmore carpassion
Interesting photographs, I found during my search for Triumph Spitfires racing in Austria. From saloon cars, bumpers off, dads racing on the weekend to high class racing cars, everyone tried to be the fastest. Great pictures of a fascinating era of motor racing in the Austrian Alps. All of those were taken in 1965.
14. February 2016
Triumph Spitfire Rallye Bonnet Lenham Hardtop #CarPassionAndMore
13. February 2016
Found a lot of Spitfire Ads, as seen below, on:
10. February 2016
With Retromobile in Paris past, a lot of interesting and quite expensive cars were sold. I personally do not care, if Ronaldo, Messi or someone else buys a 32 Million € Ferrari, it is a symptom of today market development. But some other rare, good looking and technical advanced cars are still reasonable priced. Auction results online:
09. February 2016
Apal Spitfire Hardtop
A follow up to the Bonnets, now aftermarket fiberglass hardtops available for Triumph Spitfire
04. February 2016
If you want to give your MGB a sporty, more unique optic, look back what was done in the 60s Impression - the way cars look in action - Austrian racing events between 1957-1967