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12. February 2019
Overview of Triumph Spitfire4 Hardtops
The new overview on Triumph Spitfire4 - Mk3 detachable hardtops is now online together with an updated section about those hardtops together with photos of cars, advertisements and more in the research section of this homepage. You can see it here.
24. October 2018
Even if I do not drive during the wintertime, the hardtop is ideal to enjoy a cold day in November, with no snow and salt on the road. It was a long journey, from the bare shell I bought, repairs, paint, and the toughest of them all, getting the rear glass in - one winter did pass, furthermore spring and autumn but now - when most of the people put their cars inside the garage, I'm looking forward to drive around with my TR4A and it's hardtop.
18. January 2018
Triumph Spitfire Lenham  "two piece" targa/surrey style hardtop Torado
One of the rarest hardtops available for the Triumph Spitfire made by Lenham was not their fastback hardtops, of which 4 are known, but the "two piece" targa/surrey style hardtop named Torado. It is the only Hardtop, I have never seen one, not even a modern photograph.
23. August 2017
I found the pictures of this nice example of a TR4 as a rally prepare car on: . They were taken during the Maple Leaf Winter Rally in February 2011. Besides the fact, that it is a very early car (production number 217), I want to share the photographs with you, because of the very unusually after market hardtop. It seems to be longer, very cloe to the filler cap and the rear window hasn't got the styling the...
29. November 2016
MGA Roadster with Thompson Hardtop fitted
22. September 2016
TR4 TR4A Fastback HArdtop carpassionandmore
Spitfire with the success in Le Mans and the GT6 as bigger brother, inspired a lot of Spitfire Fastback Hardtops. But there were a less known TR4 Fastback Hardtop available as well.
01. April 2016
Advertisement on the different hardtops made by Lenham in the late 1970s (Ad:
01. March 2016
Spitfire Lenham Hardtop (and Bonnet) Racing in the UK
Lenham aftermarket fiberglass hardtops available for Triumph Spitfire
09. February 2016
Apal Spitfire Hardtop
A follow up to the Bonnets, now aftermarket fiberglass hardtops available for Triumph Spitfire
06. January 2016
Williams and Pritchard Spitfire Hardtop
Williams and Pritchard aftermarket fiberglass hardtops available for Triumph Spitfire

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