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19. April 2020
Während der Phase zu Hause, hatte ich nun endlich Zeit ein wenig umfassender Aufzuräumen und durch zu soriteren. Hierbei vielen mir weitere Skizzen, Vorstudien zum Gemälde "die Riesen" von Wilhelm Dachauer in die Hände. 2 Skizzen und das Gemälde selbst waren 2019 im VKH Ried ausgestellt gewesen, damals kannt ich diese noch leider noch nicht.
04. January 2020
Visiting friends during the days between Christmas and New Years Eve, with my focus on ideas and projects instead of talking about persons, I heard about something I wasn't aware until now - the Topothek project.
20. November 2019
My interest in old glass, especially early and mid 19th century Bohemian glass told on another blog entry already, as well as the challenge of making a good photo, I want to add a new aspect. I have confessed, that the joy of looking for and collecting is difficult to describe. Objects, great or small, rare or ordinary, you will always find something. I'm looking on different flea markets for various historical things of interest, some of those on my list are bohemian glasses and while Czech...
15. May 2019
Kaufvertrag Bundespräsident hainisch über einen Steyr Lastwagen für seinen Bauernhof - Bill of Sale president austria Truck farm
English summary below Als der spätere Bundespräsident Michael Hainisch 1858 in Schottwien, Niederösterreich, als Sohn eines wohlhabenden Baumwollspinnerei-Besitzers geboren wurde, war die Welt eine völlig andere als sie der studierte Jurist und Volkswirt Mitte der 1920er Jahre um sich herum vorfand. Weder Automobil, noch eine Republik Österreich waren einst vorstellbar. Nach langen Jahren im Staatsdienst machte Hainisch nach 1918 Karriere, zunächst Generalrat der Nationalbank und am 9....
20. January 2019
 Ludwig Freiherr von Gablenz in young age as Major of a Ulan Regiment around 1850
Bought on the local fleamarket, a photograph of an Austrian soldier in the 1850s. It shows a relatively young Major of a Ulan regiment, dark green tunic with red piping, golden lacing on the collar and the cuffs, showing his rang as staffofficer. He wears the sword for cavalry officers pattern 1850 and the Military-Merit decoration, the Leopold Order and the Military Maria Theresia Order all 3rd class.
01. December 2018
christmas window classic historical arangement
The weeks before Christmas, the time Christians are awaiting the Lord to come to earth, in latin adventus, therefor we call it this time of year "Advent", has got a lot of traditions. One of which is the chocolate filled advent calendars, to count the days of Advent in anticipation of Christmas. In our small village, with 24 houses, every hause gets a day, a number and a window the decorate. Modern chains of lights are predominant, so this year I started the counter - a classic advent window, a...
02. June 2018
Front view of the castle of Eckartsau - Charles of Austria - Last emperor
If you are wondering about this rather strange name, never heard of it before, then you are probably not alone. Even with an interest in central European history or Imperial Austrian history, you will most likely think about Schönbrunn first. But where the main buildings of the Habsburg power are to be found in Vienna, in the near distance there are a lot of small castles, formerly owned by a Erzherzog (Prince). Eckartsau was home to Franz Ferdinand, the beginning of the end, shot in Sarajewo...
31. May 2018
Ghost Engine - from: (Sample Drawing)
Early in 2000 the International Rolls-Royce Club commissioned a project to scan into a computer database over 50,000 Rolls-Royce drawings relating to pre 1939 cars, to stop further deterioration caused by handling and incorrect storage. Since then there has been an ongoing “in house” programme of scanning into the database the chassis specification and build records of cars which are also held in the archives. Their effords extended above scanning, they created indecies, a prefix system to...
12. March 2018
Today, 12th March, will see the celebrations for the 653rd birthday of the biggest and oldest universities in the german-speaking parts of Europe / the University of Vienna. The so called Dies Academicus (the day of the university) is held every year with the highlight of the promotions of the best student. Their promotion will not only be held on a speacial day, but under the eyes of the president (in former times the emperor) - promotio sub auspiciis praesidentis/imperatores - from whom the...
21. January 2018
"Barbarazweige" (Barbara-branches) are branches of fruit trees, which according to an old custom are cut on 4 December, the liturgical memorial day of St. Barbara in the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Church. They are placed in a vase indoors. Depending on the area and customs cherry, apple, birch, hazelnut, horse chestnut, plum, elderberry, hawthorn or forsythia branches are used. They should bloom until Christmas Eve and decorate the apartment for Christmas. The warm indoor environment...

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