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11. March 2017
Hollywood Icon Clark Gable owned a series of interesting cars. Pre war he drove Packerd and Dusenberg, after the war he famously owned two XK120s.
21. January 2017
The famous XJ 6 cylinder DOHC Engine was probably one of the most significant engines of post war Britain. Jaguars V12 not so much. But now there is an (expensive) way to make it great. Based on the XJ13 Racecar, that sadly never made it to Le Mans, V12 Quad Cam, a company in the UK, keen to not only build the engine but an exact XJ13 Replica, took on the challenge to "merry" the 6 cylinder DOHC and the SOHC V12 heads with space age technology to create a 520hp (racecar) engine. An interesting...
17. January 2017
One of the best classic car videos made at the moment are the ones from petrolitious. The newest one, appropriate for the week of the Arizona Concours, the 1954 D-Type, driven over 20.000 miles by his owner through snow and desert, shown from Goodwood to Scotsdale
07. October 2016
Everyone, even if you are not into cars, you know pictures and videos of Ford T assembly line, and probably full automatic modern plants. But what about beloved classic cars? A few impressions of the factorys, of classic cars before a new owned could proud drive even a miles in his car.
05. October 2016
MGB Rally in the snow - carpassionandmore
If you look at any car magazine, you’ll find tips on how to store your car during winter, car covers, lifting the car to prevent your tyres from getting a flat spot, how full your fuel tank should be and so on.
12. July 2016
RM Auction - Le Mans Winning Jaguar D-Type - Click on the picture to get to the auction
After the continuous entries about classic cars under 10.000€, one imprssive car on the under end of that scale. It will probably be the most expensiv british car to be sold at an auction (current: Aston Martin DB4 Zagato ~ 14.Mill. €) Link to auction:
25. June 2016
Oldtimer Festival - Slavkov u Brna - 2016
Less than 2 hours away from Vienna, in the beautiful park around the castle Austerlitz, where 1805 Napoleon the famous battle won, gather once a year around 1000 classic cars and bikes. Nowaday, with the czech name "Slavkov u Brna", you can enjoy a nice day and wonder around, seeing rare eastern bloc cars as well a brtiish sportcar, american V8s or VW Beetles. But, besides the flair, about 50% of all cars are eastern bloc cars, intresting and normally not to see anywhere. Look, learn and spend...
16. June 2016
For more pictures: (45 photos)
01. April 2016
Advertisement on the different hardtops made by Lenham in the late 1970s (Ad:

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