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22. January 2018
If your are driving a classic car, you will most certainly carry some tools and other car related stuff with you in your boot. You may not need it, but it is better to have it and don't need it as the other way round. Today I experienced another possibility. On the way to a important meeting, dressed properly, I discovered,, that I lost one of my cufflinks. Therefore. using what I had in my toolbox, two screws fixed my cuffs vor the whole day. They were tight until late in the evening, No wear...
21. January 2018
"Barbarazweige" (Barbara-branches) are branches of fruit trees, which according to an old custom are cut on 4 December, the liturgical memorial day of St. Barbara in the Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Church. They are placed in a vase indoors. Depending on the area and customs cherry, apple, birch, hazelnut, horse chestnut, plum, elderberry, hawthorn or forsythia branches are used. They should bloom until Christmas Eve and decorate the apartment for Christmas. The warm indoor environment...
18. January 2018
Triumph Spitfire Lenham  "two piece" targa/surrey style hardtop Torado
One of the rarest hardtops available for the Triumph Spitfire made by Lenham was not their fastback hardtops, of which 4 are known, but the "two piece" targa/surrey style hardtop named Torado. It is the only Hardtop, I have never seen one, not even a modern photograph.
18. January 2018
While all the bulbs are still quite underneath the snow in the garten, the bulbs I kept indoors are now the first sight of the upcoming spring. To simulate the winter, I put all bulbs into the fridge, dark,moist and cold, about 1 month ago, I stored them at room temperature (but still in the dark). After the bulbs started to grow, I planted them into pots and now I'm waiting for my tulips to flourish.
10. January 2018
Time to be honest - have your ever seen this before? It's real, it was build in 1959 in Australia using MG mechanics, fits on the MG frame and looks like a Ferrari Monza or Mondial - suitable for many historic events, raced in the 60s and eligible for FIA papers.
04. January 2018
Bidermeier Goblet glass uranium Austria
The Biedermeier time (in central Europe the time between the Napoleonic wars ~ 1815 to the revolution of 1848) when the focus was on the house, family, small trustworthy groups as a reaction of strict anti-revolutionary actions by the government. As a reactions the people wanted to have a lovely interior, pieces at home, where they hosted gatherings and spend a lot of time. One of those artistically made everyday object ware glass goblets. During the wintertime I found finally some time to make...